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The Scented Chrysalis

This literary novel features Lucas, a young, handsome attorney married to Angie. As Lucas comes to grips with the undeniability of his attraction to other men, his internal churning distances him from Angie and pushes him to seek outside help in a monastic retreat.

Short Fiction

The Cufflinks

One of an upcoming linked collection of short fiction. A gullible young man, with his stepmother's guidance, sees the truth of his long-term relationship.

Outside the Forest

A short story, one of a linked collection, in which a woman, an ex-nun, understands who her father really was only after his death.

The Naïfs

A man in bitter mourning for the death of his infant son blames his wife for the loss of their child. Aparitions haunt him until his bitterness dissipates.

Enabling Cordelia

An opera singer at the twilight of her career examines the sacrifices she made on her way to fame.


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